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Only Atos could ‘believe’ Robin Mitchell is fit for work

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“A PARKINSON’S disease sufferer whom doctors say has no chance of getting better is being forced to undergo repeated Government checks to see if he can return to work.”

Robin has Parkinson’s disease. His story was recently by covered by the Derbyshire Telegraph. Though the severity of his condition should be obvious to anyone, a nurse working for Atos Healthcare judged “that a return to work could be considered in 18 months”, despite the fact that Robin’s wife has had to cut her working hours to look after him. Robin had an unbroken work record of 42 years until ill-health forced him to leave.

Like Karen, ‘Peter’ and ‘Marie’, Robin, too, is stuck on Atos’ Roundabout, trapped in a cycle of constant re-testing and appealing. A process which is guaranteed to grind anyone down, let alone the sick and disabled, for whom it is closer to abuse.

An ex-work colleague has posted this message from Robin’s former boss, which demonstrates clearly his opinion of Atos’ assessment of his evidently valued former employee. I am posting the message here in its entirety:

“I know Robin Mitchell as he worked for my company before he sadly had to take early retirement in 2008 due to his deteriorating health. I, together with my staff, would like to meet the idiot who thinks Robin might be able to return to work in the future as he/she clearly hadn’t assessed him properly. Robin has always been a hard worker and, given the opportunity, would have continued to contribute to our business but it was evident to everyone that his Parkinson’s was forcing him into the position where he needed to take early retirement. Robin had contributed to society all of his life and it is only right that he should be supported at this stage of his illness. I am in favour of assessment – but only on the condition the process is fair. It is quite evident from Robin’s case that the assessment process does not work and is not fair. Robin, and I am sure he is not alone, should not be faced with this ridiculous situation where he is suffering from unnecessary stress for something that is totally avoidable. I would like extend an invitation to a representative from ATOS to my offices to see the sort of work Robin was undertaking before he had to retire and explain what sort of job he might be able to do in the future that would be more suitable. I doubt they could.”


Written by bigleyma

March 20, 2012 at 11:07 pm

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