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Derbyshire Heart Condition Dad dies month after Atos find him fit for work.

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The Derbyshire Times has related how Stephen Hill was found ‘fit’ for work at his WCA, but died of his medically diagnosed heart problems just a month later.

The article calls for ‘improvements’ to be made to the WCA. But, no, no. I’m sorry. ‘Improving’ WCAs just isn’t good enough. It can’t be ‘improved’ because its an outright fraud being perpetrated upon the sick and disabled. It was designed to be so, as anyone with half a brain can see if they will only examine the wording of the WCA and ESA regs and literature. Those in parliament, or either of the ‘Houses’ or ‘Special Committees’, who say otherwise are guilty of collusion in this fraud, or else they are so ignorant that they should not be allowed to hold the public offices that they do, one where people’s wellbeing is at stake. I hope I live long enough to see a realistic perspective brought to bear upon this issue, and the people behind it to be exposed and shamed. Sadly, there are a growing number of victims of this process who will not.


Written by bigleyma

February 11, 2012 at 10:43 pm