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Private Eye reports on a man shot with a .44 Magnum, which resulted in damage to various organs, a coma, followed by heart attacks, and strokes and lasting disability, including enduring post-traumatic stress disorder, being ‘found’  fit for work by Atos.

Further proof (if any were needed) that what is happening at Atos is not due to an occasional ‘inefficiency’ or a handful of incompetent assessors, but a systemic, inbuilt process designed to deliberately find almost anyone ‘fit’ for work.

Chomsky said something to the effect that it takes a real education to make people able to avoid what is in front of their eyes:

“[Y]ou don’t really have to work very hard to see these things. You have to work very hard not to see them. It takes a really good education to miss this. “

This seems to be particularly relevant to this training of Atos’ ‘Disability Analysts’. In light of the fact that messages have been more widely disseminated out of this process to those in parliament, the houses of Commons and Lords, some might view this as part of a propaganda campaign against the vulnerable. Others might view it less generously as brainwashing.


Written by bigleyma

January 26, 2012 at 3:09 pm

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