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Black Triangle Campaign: Are Unum all set to benefit from ‘insider’ knowledge of UK welfare?

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The Black Triangle Campaign today highlighted the conflict of interest that is at the heart of Big Insurance firm Unum’s relationship with our Government, illustrating how their knowledge of, and influence on, the benefits system has positioned at least some of their executive/ex-executives as ‘insiders’ with respect to the company’s commercial behaviour.

It is The Black Triangle Campaign’s understanding that it is illegal to use any influence that any individual or company has on Government policy and benefit financially from that policy so how come the totally discredited US insurance giant Unum, Government advisors on welfare reform for over a decade now are blatantly being allowed to push their Income Protection insurance policies, (that all past evidence shows they will do their best to wriggle out of paying out on when a claim is made), onto the British public with them even quoting the fact that the current welfare reforms, (that they have advised the government on), do not even meet the basic day to day needs of the disabled in the UK in what they describe as their Master Class to Financial Advisors, (their policy salesmen)


Written by bigleyma

October 1, 2011 at 11:20 am

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