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Coerced, bullied and fighting back: Rachel Gladwin’s story

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The Independent View: Coerced, bullied and fighting back: living with Multiple Sclerosis and Welfare Reform

Rachel Gladwin, a Multiple Sclerosis sufferer, writes about her fears that, despite winning her appeal against her WCA decision, she is likely to be subjected to unceasing ‘retesting’ to make sure she is still one of the ‘deserving’ sick.

I’m too ill to be coerced, bullied or frightened into compliance by a flawed and maladministered welfare system.I also feel that much worse is in store if we are subjected to a deeply questionable American style insurance-based regime. Those who are currently ill or disabled cannot access this insurance and will become a sacrificial generation, caught between the dissolution of the Welfare State and the implementation of birth-to-death private health and income protection insurances.

Increasing numbers of us are putting the pieces of this puzzle together now. The connections between our government and Big Insurance. The propagation of the insubstantial  and thinly supported ‘Work Is Always Good For You’ mantra by those holding ‘Chief Medical’ positions within that industry or stepping sideways across from government office into corporate employ or funding. ‘Intellectual’ substance provided either by psychiatrists pimping for trade or acquiescent medical academics who seem to have forgotten the overriding first principle of their discipline: “First do no harm”.


Written by bigleyma

September 21, 2011 at 11:25 am

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