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CarerWatch urge charities to ‘say no’ to ESA

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CarerWatch demand that ESA is changed to show respect to people with disability. CarerWatch ask the government to let people with disability access help back to work through a positive program without threats, sanctions and time limits.


ESA is one enormous experiment in social engineering. The ideas were taken uncritically from the US and imposed with ideological fervour by the Labour government supported by the Conservative Opposition. During the debates in Parliament many politicians  complained that they were being asked to sign a blank cheque. No testing was done before flawed WCA tests followed by a regime of threats and sanctions were visited on millions of people with disability. It’s hardly surprising that Professor Paul Gregg with hindsight is now demanding monitoring of the process to record the damage.


Written by bigleyma

August 20, 2011 at 6:32 am

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