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The DWP/Atos ‘bounce’

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Just found this entry on GP Margaret McCartney’s blog, where she discusses the difficulty she had getting information from Atos:

I  wanted to know about Atos recruitment, audit and training; they didn’t want to talk.

She compares their uncooperative stance with that of the DWP, who usually respond helpfully to FOI requests…EXCEPT when it comes to material relating to Atos where apparently they were

… not able to answer questions about Atos procedures because Atos is a private contractor.

We are starting to see a huge problem here, as I have experienced the DWP/Atos ‘bounce’ myself. Atos refer you to the DWP, the DWP refer you to Atos. It’s a tangled web, veiling a deceit at the heart of this process. I’m waiting for my FOI requests to be answered, particularly the one regarding the ‘medical research’ they say underpins the WCA. It goes against public interest for such an important justification for this test to be withheld from scrutiny. MPs and the media next if they don’t provide it.


Written by bigleyma

August 14, 2011 at 9:27 am

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