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The Whole Sorry Story

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Here I am, trying to track down Unum’s involvement with the policy making of our government(s) and their dominant influence on the ‘academic’ work that supports the prevailing perspective on illness and work, and I find that Jonathan Rutherford had the complete history nailed (in 2007). It’s quite shocking. The public haven’t a clue that a private company, an insurance company at that, has been directing our government’s hand in its welfare policy. A discredited Insurance company, sued in the U.S. and warned to act legally in future, but whom many suspect to be carrying on with dubious practices (denying disability) still.


If it isn’t apparent what value it might have for Unum to manipulate British Welfare Policy in this way, perhaps you need to take a look at this, a little glimpse into the future:

The keyword is INCOME PROTECTION. This is going to be a word that will start to gain currency in welfare and media discourse, as the public is conditioned towards the idea that ‘Hey, National Insurance is crap’, its inadequate, its not going to protect hard working people when they fall ill. Stories will start to appear that highlight this, Poor old Mr & Mrs Squeezed Middle find themselves in unfortunate circumstances and, shockingly, there is nothing there to support them in the standard to which they’ve become accustomed. When its only the ‘scroungers’ and ‘malingerers’ that are being made destitute that’s one thing, but this ‘report’ points out that it could happen to YOU, the honest and conscientious worker! The responsible citizen takes extra steps towards saving themselves. And your government will be very involved with the Insurance industry in developing this ‘new national insurance’. As it has been since Unum first got into bed with them in 1994.


Written by bigleyma

August 1, 2011 at 11:57 am

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