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Open Letter from Dame Anne Begg to Chris Grayling

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Chris Grayling gave evidence to the Select Committe Hearing on the WCA that the government (and specifically, he) has no intention to paint ESA claimants as ‘scroungers’ or ‘malingerers’, and that he was ‘bemused’ at what the tabloids made of statistical releases on ESA.  However on the very day that the Committee released its report criticising Atos and the WCA the government release yet another set of statistics which resulted in the Daily Mail headlining with: “The shirking classes: just 1 in 14 incapacity benefit claimants is unfit to work”.


Anne Begg, Chair of Committe has now written the above open letter to Mr. Grayling

“When we took evidence from you in this inquiry, you stressed that the Government had played no part in feeding negative media stories about benefit claimants. You made clear that the Government could not control the editorial approach of the tabloids but said that you had had “a number of conversations with people in the media about the need for care in this area”.

I don’t think it too extreme to interpret this re-offending as contempt on the government’s part for the Select Committee, or at the very least shows disrespect for parliamentary procedure.




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July 29, 2011 at 2:54 pm

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