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Who’s Cheating Who? 2nd part

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At 02:29 Narrator:

“Testing ESA claimants is not Atos’ only job. It also does staff medical assessments for the civil service.
And I’ve come across a case which suggests that an Atos medical conclusion about a patient can differ markedly depending upon who the client is.

Vikki Bell …was a benefits adviser for the DWP and she has ME. “

Vikki had been assessed by Atos in their capacity as Occupational Health Assessors employed by the DWP to judge whether staff suffering absence through illness should be supported/adapted to so that they could continue to work or should be forced to leave. They found Vikki’s illness (ME) was severe enough that termination of employment was justified. Vikki did not want to leave the job she had done for 15 years. Three weeks later,  subjected to the Work Capability Assessment administered by Atos, she scored no points at all, finding her fit for work.

“Vikki couldn’t understand how on one hand ATOS said she was too ill for her desk job yet on the other she was told she was perfectly fit to work and her benefits were cut.
We asked Atos about this. It said that these were two  different types of assessment with different objectives and criteria.”


Written by bigleyma

July 26, 2011 at 10:35 am

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