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Terminally ill Mr. B’s story

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“I have paid 30 years tax and NI. I assumed the word “insurance” meant something. I assumed the state could be trusted. I was wrong; caveat some excellent and honourable MPs, Lords and others.

I decided, where possible, to communicate in written form and publish extracts so that others can learn from my experience.

I am stoical to accept the decisions of a state which may decide that due to my condition I am of no further use and is not willing to provide me with assistance. It is the hypocrisy of a state to claim to provide assistance and then deny assistance by subterfuge that upsets me. Yes I am old fashioned, I believe in the honour code and I believe the state has a duty to all. People look after each other because it is right to do so.”


Mr B. has a brain tumour. His website contains a comprehensive account of his dealings with ATOS.

It also contains Mrs. S’s full research report which she undertook as a retired health professional to identify what she suspected to be evidence of unacceptable clinical practice by Atos Healthcare medical staff.

Her full report is here:


15. “NO CLINICAL SUPERVISION: Everyone, from Ministers down to the lowest administrator, has been convinced that this evaluation system with this private contractor is closely monitored and so the general public are constantly reassured. In reality, the only monitoring is by basic administrators who invite an opinion from the company, which they then forward to the enquirer. There is no clinical supervision whatsoever. The Correspondence Manager simply repeats verbatim anything advised by the company, and dismisses any concerns re clinical accuracy, as he is totally unqualified to investigate. The Decision Makers simply repeat anything advised by AH staff. This isn’t supervision it’s adoration, and anything reported by this private company will be accepted by the DWP totally and without challenge. This complete lack of any independent clinical supervision of this company’s medical practice is a dangerous precedent and unknown in any other clinical situation.”



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July 26, 2011 at 1:39 pm

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