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Author’s suicide ‘due to slash in benefits’

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Author’s suicide ‘due to slash in benefits’ – News.

Article in The Scotsman about Paul Reekie who committed suicide last year. Though he suffered from a bad heart condition he had seen his Incapacity Benefit and consequently his Housing Benefit terminated. As he had left out the two letters that informed him of this, it is quite explicit that he intended people to draw the conclusion that this was a major motivation for him ending his life.

Anyone who has had the experience of undergoing a WCA while sick, receiving ATOS prevalent ‘judgement’ of nil points, designating them ‘fit’ and immediately having all benefits terminated will understand exactly how Paul had come to be:

“a victim of this policy and found he simply couldn’t take it any more.”


Written by bigleyma

July 25, 2011 at 10:36 am

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