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Atos case study: Larry Newman

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Atos case study: Larry Newman | Society | The Guardian.

Larry Newman suffered from a degenerative lung condition. Given the fact that he died only months after his assessment by ATOS the degree of his illness should have been evident to anyone, let alone a ‘Health Care Professional’. ATOS claims that their HCP’s are specially trained in disability, prioritising their judgement over that of consultants, GPs and other specialist medical professionals. But Larry was found ‘fit for work’.

His widow, Sylvia Newman, recalls that one of the last things he said to her, as doctors put him on a ventilator, was: “It’s a good job I’m fit for work.” He was trying to make her laugh, she says, but it was also a reflection of how upset he had been by the conclusion of the medical test.

It doesn’t take much research on the internet to come up with a connection between lung problems and work that involves wood. One aspect is Wood Dust:

“Respiratory system effects due to wood dust exposure include decreased lung capacity and allergic reactions in the lungs.”

A second aspect that would be significant in Mr Newman’s case is the formaldehyde and other VOCs that are given off from the glues used in wood veneers:

“[F]ormaldehyde from cabinets, shelves, wood-veneer furniture, laminated flooring, floor underlayments, paneling, and doors made of particleboard, hardwood plywood, and medium density fiberboard (MDF). These pressed woods are bonded with resins containing formaldehyde.

The health effects of exposure to formaldehyde have been well documented:

“In some people, exposure to formaldehyde vapors, even at very low concentrations, leads to respiratory sensitization resulting in an allergic reaction similar to asthma. This can be triggered at any time, even in individuals who have worked with formaldehyde in the past with no apparent reaction, resulting in shortness of breath, chest tightness, wheezing and coughing.”

I have discovered, but not yet posted, about the theoretical (ideological) basis for the WCA, that an important aspect of Illness, they assert, is due to the patient’s ‘Beliefs’ and that ‘Work Is Always Good For You’. These ‘academics’ would have had Mr Newman sent back into his workplace. Had he not died first.


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July 25, 2011 at 9:01 am

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