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Just a little fairly humourous aside:

Unum employee Jack McGarry – that’s him giving it the big grin over there >

gives a postive ‘view’ on a Demos Report that recommends the wholesale selling of Income Protection to the ‘squeezed middle’of Britain. A report that he is acknowledged as contributing to. Nowt like giving yourself a little pat on the back is there, Jack?

Jack states that over the next few months UNUM will be

“taking our case to the public to explain the potential Income Protection could have if only more people were covered”.

Let’s hope that people aren’t so easily duped into ‘paying twice’ for their welfare provision. Fear, though, as Demos note, is a very big motivator. And there’s plenty of that around now that Unum and ATOS are having their way with our provision for the sick and disabled.

If you really must his ‘view’ is here:

It contains a link to the Demos Report that he is ‘objectively’ giving his ‘view’ on.

I think perhaps we should all ‘analyse’ material we have contributed to, so that we are never subjected to that nasty negative criticism that is always flying about. Authors could give themselves five star reviews on Amazon, film directors too could wax lyrical about the merits of their latest release, Academics/Experts could approve their own findings… oh no wait that last one is not allowed is it Mr McGarry?


Written by bigleyma

July 23, 2011 at 11:08 pm

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