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Academic work provides a theoretical basis for social policy. Social policy involves the definition of a ‘problem’ and the actions that will be taken in order to solve it. It is underpinned by a perspective formed by (or which initiates) research. The perspective ‘cart’ often precedes the research ‘horse’ if powerful ideology, or profit, is the motor.
Here I will reference those academics who have provided the material which forms the theoretical underpinning for the WCA. Also the universities/corporations which have provided the facilities/funding that facilitated this.

I use the term ‘dubious’ because in the world of science and that of academia there is the idea that objective facts exist, and can be discovered, defined and used in the material or social world. For any research or social policy arising out of it to be legitimate it must be very, very robust. Especially when policies are developed that impact on people’s wellbeing or prospects for thriving or suffering, that material must be able to withstand the most ruthless interrogation. It must be rose-scented and pure. The interests of those who produce it must not in any way be influenced by profit, or personal advancement of any order, otherwise it is worthless, being more in the way of propaganda than science.

I am seeking only to clarify the origins of the WCA, and should institutions or personnel be given a clean bill of health, motivation-wise, I will gladly move them out of the ‘dubious’ category into the sunny land of certainty.


Written by bigleyma

July 15, 2011 at 12:24 am

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