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Professor Mansel Aylward.

Professor Mansel Aylward

I think it can be safely said that he has provided a major part of the theoretical underpinnings for the WCA, if not directly then through recent historical legacy. I see references to his involvement in what I take to be the new Welfare Reforms but need to research further on that.

I am mostly interested in revealing his academic contribution to the ideology that underpins the WCA, what theories he has developed that relate to sickness and working and how they have been incorporated into ATOS’ process. But also I am curious about the connection between the Cardiff University Centre that he heads and the disgraced U.S firm Unum Provident which appears to have funded it. I await his response on that latter issue.

My objective here is to attempt an objective assessment of all factors involving the WCA, mainly because in doing so no party will be able to cry ‘libel’ or ‘slander’ or whatever. This is an academic/logical exercise and I believe the facts will stand for themselves.

So further posts in this category should hopefully inform us further on the ideas that have fed into the WCA. Have to do some reading now 😦


Written by bigleyma

July 14, 2011 at 11:57 pm

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